Top 5 Hollywood High 16 Videos

“Ay, this is the 16, you can cry.”

Hollywood High School has 2 famous sets of stairs for skateboarding. The 12 and the 16. It’s even in a video game. Orion Trucks just released a new clip of Ryan Decenzo doing a frontside flip over Hollywood High 16’s Fence. So, we decided to pull 5 of the best videos from the famous staircase.

1. He cries.

2. Nyjah Huston doing BS 270 LIP. Just plain scary.

3. Derrick Wilson Nollie Heels the 16. Impressive.

4. Jake Ruiz and James Martin just doing some warm ups.

5. This one is just funnny. Shows you what everyone goes through trying to skate the 16 and why the previous videos are noteworthy.

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