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Most of the time people will throw together random collages of shitty footage and call it the “best of” of some year or another. However they are actually landing some sick tricks and are some recognizable names.

In case you were wondering, here’s all the tricks and names in order, according to the video poster.

Tricks in order of appearance:

Ryan Sheckler – Gnarly Kickflip over a fence into a Costco parking lot
Shane O’neill – nollie 360 double flip
cian eades – Switch laser double flip
Schuyler Ricketts – huge backside 180
Jimmy Carlin – 360 Hardflip
Josiah Gatlyn – big kickflip
Chris Haslam – Wall ride bs lip slide
Sean Malto – Sick backside over crook
Tyler Bledsoe – Big flip over carlsbad grass gap
Chris Cole – nollie backside 360 heel flip over big 3 block
RIP Shane Cross – insane fs crooked grind down El Toro
Bryan Herman – giant hardflip
Chris Cole – 360 kickflip to tail snap the Carlsbad gap
PROD – Buttery backside kickflip nose blunt
David Gravette – Long 5050
Jake Duncombe – 5050 board stall nose grind skate and create
PJ Ladd – fakie halfcab heel to K grind nollie fs shove out
PJ Ladd – Switch kick flip backside tailslide 360 shove out
PJ Ladd Fakie half cab flip crooked grind bs 180
Jimmy Carlin – grande Varial Heel down 6 flat 6
gilbert crocket.- high kickflip big pop
Cory Kennedy – Bigspin double flip
Cory Kennedy – Nollie late front foot double flip
Cory Kennedy – bs 360 double flip pyramid hip
Cory Kennedy – Switch laser double flip killing it
Ryan Sheckler – nice tre flip over stairwell
Paul Rodriguez – butter backside noseblunt flat hubba in New York
Cory Kennedy – Merlin Twist at the Berrics
Andrew Rynolds – Epic and historical backside flip down the Wallenberg 4
vincent luevanos – Textbook hard flip for the homies
Cory Kennedy – switch BIG flip
Arto Saari – buttery backside lipslide
Greg Lutzka – frontside 360 kickflip off a kicker
Cory Kennedy – Merlin twist/ switch 360 impossible thing
Andrew Reynolds – bs 360
Mike Mo Capaldi – fakie big flip manual backside flip out
Leo Romero – far fs gap to kgrind
Devin Appelo – 5050 roof to big drop
danny cerezini – hard flip front side blunt red bench
Josiah Gatlyn – killing it high tre bomb to fakie old berrics quarter pipe
ryan decenzo – huge switch frontside 180
Torey Pudwill – crazy laser flip down the Santa Monica triple set
Lewis Marnell – perfect fakie Hardflip
Bastien Salabanzi – insane fakie full cab double flip bolts
Felipe Gustavo – Switch Backside tail down a hubba ledge
Tommy Sandoval – bs nose blunt skate and create
Ray Maldonado – fs blunt loco big flip out
Shane Oneill – Bigger flip/ 540 shoveit to fakie
Paul Trep – nice switch double heel
jordan hoffart – Far 360 flip over street gap
P Rod – switch 360 flip
Andrew Reynolds – Boss status kickflip

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