Volcom x Skullphone Limited Edition Sneakers

Volcom launched their latest collaboration with iconic street artist Skullphone and will be releasing Volcom x Skullphone Limited Edition Shoe today!
This Skullphone collaboration is the first of its kind in the Volcom Footwear line. Inspired by the original iconic black and white Skullphone street art and designed in New York City.
Only 400 pairs of this Limited Edition shoe were produced.  They feature a custom printed outsole tread and molded Recliner Comfort Foam insock. Minimal custom outer details have been added and the shoe features water-resistant black full grain leather.
Price: $85.00
Exclusively Available athttp://www.volcom.com/grimm-x-skullphone.Html and select retailers.
skullphone shoe CLOSEUP Volcom x Skullphone Limited Edition Sneakers
 Volcom x Skullphone Limited Edition Sneakers
 Volcom x Skullphone Limited Edition Sneakers

About Skullphone:

In 1999 Skullphone appeared on city streets with his icon of a witty black-and-white skull holding a cell phone. Through image repetition and recontextualization, Skullphone has embedded his mime. Notably, In 2008 Skullphone sparked controversy and conversation when he re-arrived outdoors on the first digital billboards found throughout Los Angeles. As both megaphone and white noise, he left local and online audiences to their own devices regarding mobile phone connectivity, personal privacy, targeted advertising, outdoor artists, outdoor art programs, urban blight, and life in Los Angeles.

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