Whats Good! E-Beanie

Screen Shot 2014 06 05 at 4.10.43 PM Whats Good! E Beanie Screen Shot 2014 06 05 at 4.10.50 PM Whats Good! E Beanie Screen Shot 2014 06 05 at 4.10.57 PM Whats Good! E Beanie Screen Shot 2014 06 05 at 4.11.10 PM Whats Good! E Beanie

The What’s Good Beanie is a classic winter hat that allows people to use Bluetooth-enabled devices hands-free and headphone free.

ebeanie talk Whats Good! E Beanie   sync in seconds Whats Good! E Beanie

Hands Free Phone Calls

Once synched, make calls or listen to music, using this state-of-the art control system with stereo-quality speakers. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

Sync your Device in Seconds!

Their FCC approved wearable technology allows you to chat on the phone and listen to music, sports or anything available on your smart phone or BlueTooth enabled device.

With dual dynamic stereo speakers the What’s Good eBeanie delivers sound you have to hear to believe! And, it includes in integrated microphone for phone calls.

The What’s Good eBeanie is easy to clean. just slip the control panel and speakers from the beanie and throw it in the washer! What could be better.

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