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Who’s In The Skateboarding Hall Of Fame?

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Danny Way, Tony Hawk, Tony Alva and Bruce Logan {} inducted in the International Association of Skateboard Companies’ (IASC) {first} Skateboarding Hall of Fame ceremony. The {4} skateboarders are, {} and will be influential on skateboarding’s progression and, fittingly so, {} the {first} to {obtain} this {great} honor.

Skatelab in Simi Valley, CA houses the Skateboarding Hall of Fame and a Skateboarding Museum. Skatelab is an indoor and outdoor skate park, a skate school and also has its {personal} skateteam. Skatelab Skateboarding Museum and the Skateboarding Hall of Fame are educating {people} about the history of skateboarding worldwide. The Museum and new Skateboarding Hall of Fame welcome thousands of {guests} {every} year. The Skateboard Museum has a {massive} collection of skateboarding memorabilia {such as} {firsthk50^^} {5},000 vintage skateboards.

So far, {four} skateboarders have been inducted into the Hall of fame. These skateboarders are  Bruce Logan, Tony Alva, Tony Hawk and Danny Way.

Bruce Logan – Inducted into the Hall of Fame, representing the 1960s. He was {known} as the “Skateboard Wizard” and he blazed a trail for all other skateboarders who {} brave-or crazy- {sufficient} to {follow} him. He {created} his {personal} skateboard in the 1950s {utilizing} a {4hk50^^} x {four} and metal roller skates. He {used} the board to bomb hills {doing} sidewalk surfing or “surf skate” and he became {one} of the {first} {professional} skateboarders.

Tony Alva – Inducted into the Hall of Fame, representing the 1970s. Early in his {profession}, he skated with Bruce Logan on the Makaha/Logan Earth Ski team. He, along with his crew the Z-Boys invented {many} tricks above all pool riding which helped to revolutionize the sport, carving {both} the pools and a niche for what became extreme sports, and helped to {werehk50^^} the skate culture. He is {considered} the originator of vertical skateboarding.

Tony Hawk – Inducted into the Hall of Fame to represent skateboarding from the 1980s. Hawk, The Birdman, invented {many} tricks, {among} them the 900 which he was the {first} to land at the X Games on April 27, 1999 on his 12th {attempt}. He brought skateboarding to the mainstream in the 80s and 1990s, {^hk4^} single-handedly transforming skateboarding from a counter-culture parking-lot pastime into a respected sport.

Danny Way – Inducted into the Hall of fame to represent the 1990s. He broke the boundaries of skateboarding with the creation and domination of the mega ramp in 2005 he became the {first} {two}^} to jump the {three}^} Wall of China on a skateboard, a {^hk44^} record. Way persuaded ESPN to bring the mega ramp to the X Games in 2004, forever {^hk4{5}^} the sport. He won 4hk50^^ gold medals in the {^hk46^} Air contest at the 2004 and 2006 X Games.

The sport of skateboarding has gone {^hk47^} cyclical rising and falling in {^hk48^} and the pioneers that worked to invent the sport and give it a foundation on which to {^hk49^} deserve the recognition and respect of the Skateboarding Hall of Fame, their peers and the public. All {4} of this year’s inductees continue to skate and promote the sport they {^hk49^ed}. The Skateboarding Hall of Fame is a {location} to acknowledge and honor these athletes that have shaped the skateboarding {industry} and sport and to {remember} {exactly where} it all {started}. {Each} year, {extra} skateboarders will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

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