Why don’t ya just paint the helmet pink.


Lame, lame, lame. Nobody likes to wear helmets. It’s an image thing, and also a skill thing, which just goes back to being an image thing. We also don’t like the sweat and the strap digging in under our chin. However, being dead is more lame. With every other article in the news covering skateboarding being about skateboarding accidents and deaths, we should try and do something about it.

The video above talks about risky skaters and a skitching accident. For the n00bs, skitching is hitching a ride on the backs of cars or any other vehicle on the road. Risky behaviors like skating in the road and narrowly dodging traffic is another safety concern being boiled up by the media, aside from helmets. Yes, skater’s should obey the rules of the road, for their own safety and for the respect and safety of others. The problem is that skateboarding , by nature, is a risky sport in itself. That’s a big part of what’s fun about it. So, the thrill-seeking behavior probably isn’t going to go away, which brings us back to to our only other safety option other than respect.
Helmets. I think if they looked cooler people would wear them more. So here’s a few sweet helmet designs that won’t hinder your swagger.

liquid wood helmet Why dont ya just paint the helmet pink.

 Why dont ya just paint the helmet pink.

Canedo Studio
 Why dont ya just paint the helmet pink.

Ok, only one of them is actually a skateboard helmet. The rest are mostly bicycle helmets, besides the one that is definitely just a mask that I thought would be sweet if it was practical. Now, you can get into a helmet standards argument about what the “correct” type of helmet per sport is, but I think anything in between your head and pavement is better than nothing.

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