Why The 90’s {Had been} The Golden Age of Skating


{Sure}, skateboarding was invented in the ’40s, and came into its {own} as a sport in the ’70s, but the ’90s {} {^hkownhk23^^^} the {best} time to be alive and skating, {Require} proof? {Here} are the {top} ten {factors} why…

1. The {Best} Videos {^hk10^} {Produced}

Let’s see….Video Days. Questionable. Trilogy. Welcome To Hell. Goldfish. Spitfire video. Skypager. Soldier’s Story. The {Finish}. Uno. Lick. Eastern Exposure 1-{ownhk23^^}. Stars And Bars. Yellow. Life In The {Fast} Lane. {Love} {Child}. Tim Dowling’s Listen. A Visual Sound. Color video…. I could go on for days. {Basically} , there ain’t no comparison.

{two}. The Level Of Talent Will Forever Go Unmatched

I {don’t} care what anybody has to say. If it weren’t for cats like Eric Koston, Danny Way, Pat Duffy, Kareem Campbell, Daewon Song, Tom Penny, Guy Mariano, Chad Muska, Mike Carroll, Alphonzo Rawls, Jason Lee, Andrew Reynolds, and Jeremy Wray (just to name a {couple of}), there ain’t no telling {exactly where} or what the hell skateboarding would be like now. {These} guys literally changed and are partially responsible for the game as we see it now.

{ownhk23^^}. The {Best} Contests

I mean, is this even debatable? Just the level of excitement that joints like Back To The City, Brooklyn Banks, Munster, Houston Pro, Tampa Pro, Slam City had…and then we had the illest amateur contests imaginable. You go to any NSA district, regional, or finals, and they {} {much better} than most Super Bowls! And here’s {another} {fantastic} {factor}–the street guys would {really} {stay} and root for their vert comrades. I’mtelling y’all, 90s was the {best}.

{four}. The East Coast Explosion

{Good} googly moogly. I {keep in mind} this like it was yesterday. It was like when Snoop Dogg (Ricky Oyola) and Tha Dogg Pound (Fred Gall, Matt {Cause}, Donny Barley, et cetera) {thought} East (West) Coast was biased about their music (skating), and came {through} and kicked {over} the buildings in the “New York, New York” (Eastern Exposure0 video. Sorry if y’all {don’t} get that, but {that is} the easiest way I could reference the “takeover.”

{five}. {World} Industries Was {Produced}

It took on dude to {change} the face of the skateboarding {business}, and that {one} dude was Steve Rocco. He {did not} give a f*ck about what the {business} {thought} of him. He {did not} give a f*ck who he {made} angry. And he {did not} give a f*ck about the way the {business} perceived the way he ran his {company}. He was a {real} bawss! {Do not} wanna run my {advertisements}? I’ll {start} my {own} magazine! I {don’t} like you. I’ll take your riders and make them superstars. Plus, he gave {more} minorities jobs than the damn Job Corp. As I {said}, BAWSS status.

6. Vert Skating Was At Its Peak

The level vert skating was at back then was so ridiculous that there was street dudes incorporating it into their video parts. {I’m} saying, when {you are} watching a video and you see a dude do a backside ownhk23^^60 tailgrab fakie nosegrind revert or a fakie 540 heelflip indy grab, you’d wanna skate vert {too}! It was like these cats {} literally {performing} ledge, mixed with the hardest flatground tricks, on eleven-foot ramps! And oh yea, the 900 was {carried out} in the 90s {too}. And it ain’t even fair to {discuss} when Bob Burnquist hit the States.

7. There {Were} No Manufactured Pros Or Ams

See, {in contrast to} {these days}, you had to {really} be at least somewhat {well}-rounded at skateboarding to even be taken seriously. There was no such {factor} as a “video skater” or a “rail guy.” There seemed to be a {common}, unspoken level of wackness that was just not accepted as {a lot} as it is now. Teams had {variety}. Skaters had {real} personalities. All in all it was doper.

8. Graphic {Design} Was At Its Peak

The 90s was the premier era of {design}. Guys like Sean Cliver, Marc McKee, Marty Jimenez, Natas Kaupas, Andy Howell, Ron Cameron, Ed Templeton, and Thomas Campbell (just to name a {couple of})….these guys {} at the forefront of art. Galleries {} paying {attention}. {Businesses} {} literally ripping off skateboarding logos. As Russell Bongard {said}, “The new bible of cool was written in the 90s, from and aesthetic standpoint.”

9. The {Best} Shoe {Businesses} {Were} {Produced}

And when I say “the {best},” {I’m} speaking in terms of teams that these {businesses} {} built {around}. And with that {said}, I {^hk101^} we can just {stop} at {three}^} DC and Etnies (yes, I know Etnies is technically from the 80s, but that was {^hkownhk23^^^} just Natas). These are our “Nike” and “Adidas” of our sport. They’ve {three}^} been built {around} solid teams, have {^hk107^} had solid {^hk108^}, {advertisements}, branched into other sports and genres, and {additional}more}, have withstood the test of time. Say what you want, but these two {businesses} will be {around} {until} they wanna be.

{10}. Trends {Were} {Actually} {Being} {Started}, Not Followed

When the hell did skateboarders {start} following trends? {Real} {speak}. {Because} when was it “cool” to dress like {anything} other than a skateboarder? If you {look} at the history, half these other “action sports” stole our tricks. Half these bands/rappers stole our looks. {It’s} like, we Benjamin Buttoned our {entire} existence and now we {look} as if we’re emulating other {people}…and accept it! We let {cash} and sheep define our {present} existence. ‘Scust. Now I know why my {people} {^hk107^} say, ” The {good} ol’ days.”

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  6. SkaterGeek

    October 29, 2009 at 3:36 pm

    And the beginning of skateboarding console games began!

    Tony Hawk Pro Skater – PS1 – Sept 1999!

    I could probably rant on about how the 80’s were important too. Bones brigade, Animal Chin, Natas, Public Domain video etc etc…

    But that would just show how old I am!! lol

  7. Bob King

    October 30, 2009 at 5:10 pm

    I have to absoultley agree!! I started skating in the earley 90’s and I remember all that S#%t!!! You skated how you wanted to, dressed how you wanted to and not because thats what was cool but because thats who you were! Yes those were the “good ole’ days”!!

  8. The Official Skateboarding Dictionary

    October 31, 2009 at 4:50 am

    90’s board tricks really propelled the popularity of skateboarding. We agree, right on dude.

  9. Karatepanties

    August 1, 2011 at 12:19 pm

    You all sound like a bunch of pensioners holding on for dear life to your youth. The thing about skateboarding is progression, anyone knows that progression propels all aspect of the industry from decks, hardware and shoes. You think you had Carbon light decks back in the 90’s how bout the G2 heel system from es’. I could go and on but the thing is I don’t give a shit and neither does anyone else. This sounds like a high school cut and paste article, written by a 40 year old in a mid life crisis probably getting a divorce from his wife of the last decade to go for a younger piece of tail.. Grow the fuck up girls.

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