World’s Strongest Skateboard

[one_one]They’re calling it the world’s strongest skateboard. Colonial Brand Skateboards, a Las
Vegas company so new they apparently don’t even have a website yet, boasts a skateboard so strong you can run over it with a car without and it’ll still pop back to shape.

Running over skateboards with cars is a popular way skateboard companies like to market the strength of their boards. This is probably due to the fact that many skaters have had their hearts drop while they watched their board roll into traffic.

Instead of plastic, the secret to the board’s durability is a carbon fiber. The fabric is layered into the high-quality maple giving it more strength down the board’s axis and near its trucks.

While there are a few other companies that sell carbon decks, the difference here is materials, manufacturing and price. Colonial Brand boards still use wood, instead of a complete graphite deck, they are one of a few companies that make their boards in the USA, and the deck, by itself, will retail for between $65 and $85, depending on the model, instead of $120 for the other guys.

You can check them out when they launch their website in a few weeks at:


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  1. John

    August 21, 2012 at 12:48 pm

    My late 1970s Jay Adams Z-Flex made from compressed epoxy and fiberglass withstood multiple run ins with cars, sometimes on purpose. Bennet trucks, road rider 4s, wish I still had it!

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